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Scroll through the best statement below that fits your situation and you’ll be on your way to the resources you need:

I want to be sure my company is in compliance (I have some concerns that it’s not). 

I am proactively looking to address compliance issues for my company. There isn’t a huge emergency now, but I have a sense we need to take steps now to avoid problems in the future.

My company has lost staff and we need some recruiting help (I don’t have capacity to set a recruiting program in motion the way I’d like).

We have some holes in our HR department that are leaving some issues unresolved. But they’re not full-time issues, and once they’re addressed, we have the staff to cover the basic functions on an on-going basis.

My company needs one specific HR-related product (a handbook, a specific training course or access to professional HR advice on a specific topic – to see if more is needed, or if we’ve “got this” by handling it)

OMG! We have an issue. Or at least I’m pretty sure we do. I need an immediate sounding board and professional HR advice about what to do now. And did I mention that I need it yesterday?!

Overall we’ve got HR covered. We have a solid staff base, but we need access to a trusted continuing education source to keep us fresh and regenerated for the changing needs of our company, to develop our HR staff for more comprehensive responsibilities and career opportunities and to ensure our overall department is building capacity.

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