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  • Terms & Conditions

    FOR GOOD AND VALUABLE CONSIDERATION, receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, the parties agree and stipulate as follows:

    ATHR provides outsourced human resource services to small to medium sized businesses.   Help Desk service is for rapid turn‐around on client Quick Questions.

    “Quick Question” means questions that can typically be answered with “Yes” or “No” and an explanation; with the sending of a form and instructions; with information regarding legally imposed deadlines, bright‐ line rules; or other answers of this nature.  Quick Questions are typically not heavily dependent on specific facts or details of individual circumstance; however, they may include requests for how to immediately deal with emergency scenarios in the short term.
    “Contact” means an exchange of phone calls or emails that together equal one allowed contact under the service level agreement.

    “Ticket” means a complete loop beginning with the Quick Question posed by CLIENT, and an answer provided by the Help Desk staff on a single subject matter.  Usually a Ticket will be opened and closed within one phone call or an email and reply, and will constitute one Contact.  Sometimes it may take multiple phone calls or emails to close a Ticket, particularly when one Quick Question leads to another.

    In these circumstances, ATHR will inform CLIENT when one Contact is completed and a second or third, etc. Contact begins.


    “Payment Period” means 30 days from the start date of services.

    CLIENT acknowledges selection of a Help Desk Level of service, which includes the calls/emails and other benefits described under that service level.  In the event CLIENT’s help desk usage in any month exceeds CLIENT’S allowed Contacts, CLIENT will be billed hourly for the overages.  CLIENT may upgrade to a higher service level at any time, beginning the following payment period.

    This Agreement shall be month to month and may be cancelled at any time with 15 days’ notice.  This Agreement shall terminate upon cancellation by either Party or non‐payment by CLIENT.

    ATHR agrees to respond to CLIENT Quick Questions posed to the Help Desk, as defined above within 24 business hours.  CLIENT understands that Help Desk inquiries are triaged,so that more urgent matters will be addressed ahead of less urgent matters. 


    In the event a question posed to the Help Desk is beyond the scope of a Quick Question, ATHR will advise CLIENT of optionsfor furtherservices.  [For example, if CLIENT asks whether certain conduct by a manager would be considered sexual harassment, ATHR could provide advice regarding immediate steps to be taken, but would recommend that a full investigation be conducted.  CLIENT then has the option to enter into an agreement for those additional services.]  ATHR staff are not lawyers and do not provide legal advice.  In the event CLIENT requires legal advice, ATHR will refer client to a lawyer.

    The laws of the State of Washington shall govern this Agreement.  Snohomish County Superior Court shall be the venue for any litigation relating to this Agreement.  In the event any provision of this Agreement is determined by a Court to be unenforceable, all other provisions shall remain in full force and effect. The Parties agree to provide notice to ATHR and CLIENT regarding any dispute relating to this Agreement within 48 hours, and then allow 24 hours for the other Party to offer a solution.  Thereafter, either Party may request mediation through DRC of Snohomish, Island & Skagit Counties, 2801 Lombard St. Everett, WA 98201‐0839, (425) 339‐1335.

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