Special HR Projects


If you need something more specialized, we do that too: 

Employee Investigations

  • These are the tough, often uncomfortable situations happening right in front of you; we can be the driving force to find the answers you need

Performance Reviews

  • If you are wondering whether your current program stacks up, we can let you you know, and from there we develop effective system for your company

Training Programs

  • Designed specifically for your company


Wage Range Data

  • If you’re wondering where your pay ranges fall compared to your competitors or to the broader market, we walk you through the process job description by job description

Compensation Programs

  • Everybody has some form of this, but it can be hard to know if it is the best fit; we provide a wider view and help you determine what will retain those talented employees you worked hard to recruit

Affirmative Action Plans

  • Updating and refreshing these plans is what keeps them current with the law; implementing and communicating them is what keeps you in compliance; we walk you through the process and provide you with step-by-step implementation and communication plans