Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t see your question answered here, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Is the Help Desk service staffed by actual employment attorneys?

We do not staff the desk with employment attorneys. Our Help Desk is staffed by HR professionals with continuously updated certifications and training in both Federal and Washington state employment laws.

Does your Help Desk service provide sample policies and procedures?

Because policies and procedures are so unique to each environment, we do not have a standard set we use as a sample. But we do provide sample documents and letters for certain situations. Policies and procedures are covered under our Handbook services, and are billed accordingly at an hourly rate.

What sort of business benefits most from this service?

Any business with employees that doesn’t have an experienced HR professional on staff will benefit from the knowledge and expertise we provide. For companies of any size, this service can save you money and time while keeping your HR risks to a minimum.

For companies that have HR professionals on staff, the Help Desk is a great sounding board and a place to get a well-informed second opinion on particular issues.

With all the information that's available out there, why should I use this service?

You will save time by letting us provide you with accurate and relevant information for your specific question. Digging through mountains of information from online searches is tedious and in end, may still result in noncompliance. We’re especially helpful if you’re looking for Washington State specific information.

Can anyone from my staff call in?

This service is designed as a resource for your management team. So we’ll set up the contact list with you when service begins. For other employees wishing to call in, we provide other options. Or if you ever wish to outsource your HR functions, we’re happy to discuss those with you!