Frequently Asked Questions

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By using ATHR does this mean I don’t need an attorney?

ATHR is a staff of non-attorney HR professionals.  While we can answer the majority of your HR questions we will direct you to an attorney when it is in your best interest.

If I move forward with ATHR how long is the contract?

The services provided by ATHR are on a month-to-month basis.  You only pay for the services that you use.

I don’t know what I need – can you still help me?

Yes! We can start with a high level HR Audit to assess where you are at in regards to your compliance and HR best practices and then help you plan from there.

Do I have a HR Consultant assigned to me?

Depending on the services you choose to move forward with you will have an assigned HR Consultant, however if you are not able to reach your assigned consultant we have a staffed HR Help Desk that is available to assist you.

If I hire ATHR to help with my recruiting do you have candidates on file that you can place within a day or two?

ATHR is not a placement agency so our recruiting services are structured differently. We partner with our clients to find the right candidate for their culture and position. We can do as little or as much of the recruiting process as our client would like. As we offer this service as an hourly service as well we are able to find you a solid candidate at a fraction of what a placement agency might charge.

Can you just write my employee handbook without meeting with me?

Our goal here at ATHR is to be a collaborative part of your company culture. When creating the employee handbook we meet with you to go over the policies that are important to you and to really get a feel for how you want your company culture to look and feel. By doing this we can create a handbook that is specific to you and your company. This also provides you with a handbook that you will actually find useful instead of one that provides inaccurate information.

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